Loqate Platform

Loqate make use of a dynamic platform with multiple datacentres around the globe to deliver our API stack. To ensure your implementation goes without issue please follow the implementation guidelines set out below.

Implementation Guidance (updated 25th June 2019)

  • Use the services.postcodeanywhere.co.uk or api.addressy.com endpoints only.
  • Do not bind to any single IP address or subnet. We make changes to our IP space frequently.
  • Do not whitelist IP addresses or subnets in your firewalls for outbound connections. When we change IPs it may mean your implementation is taken offline (such as when we redirect traffic to a different location).
  • We recommend you always use HTTPS connections when calling our APIs.

Failure to adhere to the above guidelines may mean that any SLA you have taken with us is void. If you are unsure on any of the above please contact our support team and we will assist with your implementation.

Upcoming Changes